What Customers Are Saying...

I'm glad to get such wonderful service from Visalogic. I will strongly recommend Visalogic to my friends/colleagues.
Poornima, HSMP visa
I am absolutely overjoyed with the service from Visalogic. My caseworker was superb at dealing with our case we cant thank her enough. I would recommend you to anyone doing this kind of application. We can now get on with the rest of our lives thanks to your help and excellent service. Many thanks.
Andrea, Spouse & Entry Clearance
I would absolutely recommend Visalogic, their staff's knowledge is excellent, in fact all communication was responded to almost immediately, and they walked me through every step of the process and ensured that my documentation was complete to successfully achieve the visa on the first application and without any referral. Extraorinary service from a very professional company, our thanks for all of your help and support.
Adam, Fiance Visa
Your team have been extremely helpful, dedicated and informative in handling my case. The case was dealy with great professionalism. I will miss speaking to them. Thanks Again!!!!
Deepali, Spouse Visa
I would like to say that I have used Visa Logic in the past and would reccommed them to anyone else. They have done a fantastic job. Thank you.
Jadene Carla, Indefinite Leave to Remain
Visalogic handled the application perfectly. The service provided was excellent. They were always quick to respond to any queries and are very knowledgeable about the whole process. My only critisim is that sometimes the response to my questions was a little confusing but I guess that this is a fatal flaw of communicating via e-mail instead of talking on the phone or face to face. However, for the majority of the time the communication was first class.
Candy, Fiance Visa
Service provided by Visalogic is outstanding. Keep it up. My special thanks to the team.
Murali, HSMP
When life changing decisions were at stake and we were about to enter the minefield of how to handle our case, Carl turned on the light for which path to take and then, when we came on board with Visalogic we were directed with courtesy at every stage and shown how to progress. We soon realised that had we not asked for help we would have soon floundered on our own preconceived ideas of how we ought to proceed. Many thanks to all staff concerned.
Mary, Spouse Visa
I am satisfied in total. I will recommand to others as well. Thank you.
Chet, WP Technical Notification